BREXIT – Belgian MEP demands a shift in focus from Fisheries, to the Level Playing Field.

Express /// “Brexit negotiations have found in fisheries a key point of contention as they seek to establish the terms of the future trading relationship between the UK and the European Union.

Both sides have been unrelenting on access to British waters at the end of the transition period, sparking concerns fisheries could sink the chances of striking a deal. But Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts demanded both sides move away from the “symbolic” issue of fishing to focus on preventing unfair competition once the transition period ends.”

#NewsLinks /// This is where the EU member states will fall out with Each other. The EU is made up of many different countries all wanting different things from these Brexit negotiations. Due to the hard line from the French on fisheries, many MEP’s wish to shift attention away from those problematic areas hoping to sign off on areas more concerning for them.

MEP’s want this as they believe it would create massive pressure on French President Macron to cave in on his hard-line stance on fisheries. Will Macron sink the whole deal due to his impossible stance on fisheries or will he cave in under the pressure of losing a deal altogether?

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  1. When Great Britain voted on the ballot it was to leave the eu it wasn’t for any kind of deal Boris get on with No Deal WTO if we don’t get a full Brexit your nothing more than a traitor to your country and no better than ted heath Mrs may and the rest of the swamp elites.🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

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