Pull the plug Boris – EU threaten Britain over access into British Fishing waters. 

EXPRESS /// “Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been warned that he could be ousted from Number 10 if he doesn’t secure a deal which protects the UK’s borders, cash and fish. The EU has warned Britain that it will be cut off from European markets if access to UK fishing grounds isn’t granted to the bloc.”

News Links Analysis /// Where in the world has a country given away it’s Sovereign waters to gain a so called free trade deal? There isn’t, so how can the EU demand this from Britain?. Stand up Boris and pull the plug.

11 Comments on "Pull the plug Boris – EU threaten Britain over access into British Fishing waters. "

  1. Walk and stay away till the EU stop demanding they will be in a worse state than us they will miss our 30 billion in trade

  2. We went into lockdown over this and will be for the next 3 years till digital currency is complete an everyone Chipped. I thought they were bluffing when they said Brexit would be the final straw to collapse the banks and then Trump collapsed the fiat banking system and cash illegal next year.

  3. Jack Macintyre | 27th October 2020 at 6:06 pm | Reply

    IT HAS TO BE No Deal. The withdrawal deal should be ripped up as the EU are not negotiating in good faith.

  4. The problem was caused by traitor May who agreed to the EU timetables which allows them to prioritize their claims, help themselves to our money and then to give us a deal if they want to.
    The Withdrawal agreement should be torn up on the basis that a Canada style deal is not forthcoming as indicated in the political declaration, UK should leave on a true no deal denouncing the signed agreement which is the “law which remainer May still upholds”

  5. There is no way they are going to be civilised about this, they are political thugs, and Boris should call time on the so called negotiations, if the EU want to lose £80 billion in exports to the UK so be it. Time to walk away.

  6. They’ve broken the Withdrawal Agreement and keep going over old ground in these talks. Just let them go stew themselves, enough is enough let us get out NOW and MOVE ON with preparations for NO DEAL.!

  7. We’ve put up with enough threats from our so called friends and partners , let’s get the hell out now walk away we don’t need nor want to be part of eu if this is the way they treat us after more than forty years.

  8. The EU can go and drop off a cliff, If they think for one second that Boris would give our Sovereignty away they are Deadly wrong, Boris Tear up the WA now, we don’t need the EU, let’s get Rid Boris now.

  9. Definitely pull the plug Boris and have done with it. We just want out with no deal

  10. Why are we allowing EU AGAIN telling us what to do. Stop the talks and just leave the EU to their wonder life. If they want to act like fairy’s then leave them to it.


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