Brexit deal said to be completed in a week then handed to the Prime Minister to finalise the agreement. Do not let us down Boris.

Express /// They raised the prospect of an agreement could be found as easy as next Tuesday with progress being made in a number of areas as part of the intensified wrangling over a trade deal.

The two sides were said to be close to finalising a draft legal text on future common standards, including state subsidies for businesses, as part of a tentative breakthrough in the talks. Lord Frost and EU counterpart Michel Barnier are expected to pass the negotiations up to Boris Johnson and European Commission chief Ursula von der leyen to take a decision on the final trade-offs.

#NewsLinks /// The final decision will be down to Boris Johnson and Ursula Von Der Leyen. Boris was given a lent vote from brexiteers at last year General election to deliver Brexit. We don’t just want to “Get Brexit Done”, we want it done in the correct manor.

It now comes down to Boris to battle for Britain. We don’t want anything less than full Brexit, Leaving without overarching ties to the EU, out of the ECJ and ECHR, taking back our sovereign waters and making our own laws. Don’t let us down Boris, Britain’s counting on you.

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3 Comments on "Brexit deal said to be completed in a week then handed to the Prime Minister to finalise the agreement. Do not let us down Boris."

  1. Only a Canada or Australian deal will suffice

  2. Lord Frost, any wording which allows the EU to gain a foothold into our free nation status, with even the slightest ties to them will cause an almighty uproar and the likelihood of the Government being forced into an election, which they would lose.
    Why should it be the EU who remain firm to their script and the UK have to compromise, amend, obfuscate relent and bend over with pants down ?
    Stay firm

  3. We need to leave in the correct MANNER – not as as you have written MANOR (a residence!)

    Do learn to spell check.

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