France haven’t a leg to stand on. France expects Britain to cave in on fisheries, Britain stands firm rejecting their demands. 

EXPRESS /// “Sources close to the EU-UK talks confirmed the major dispute about fishing rights in Britain’s coastal waters remains unsolved.

The totemic issue threatens to derail the wrangling over the future relationship pact, with Downing Street and France both holding out against concessions. But Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, was said to be working on a potential compromise in the hope of ending the impasse in the coming days. If not, a no deal exit seems all but inevitable.”

#NewsLink: This is unbelievable, France expects Britain to give away its sovereign waters even though Britain is to become an independent sovereign Coastal nation post-transition period.

France seriously doesn’t have a leg to stand on with these demands, its unheard of for a foreign country to demand another country to give away it’s control of access to their territory. The EU, including France, need to give their heads a wobble and smell the coffee, it’s not going to happen. If you want to fish in Britain’s waters, you adhere to British rules.

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4 Comments on "France haven’t a leg to stand on. France expects Britain to cave in on fisheries, Britain stands firm rejecting their demands. "

  1. Walk now – no deal stop allowing them to manipulate the remaining time. Let’s get ready for our brand new time and making Britain great again. Show the EU and France that they can no longer control the UK.

  2. No to fishing in our water . But just maybe as we have to build our fleets up & crews a temp deal to keep the wheels turning a little bit for all but only but only if its our interest. They have given us nothing , give them even less to use their words (not ours ) they must be punishished .

  3. Don’t give in cause if it was the other way round they wouldn’t

  4. It is time to leave. We need our businesses to be ready for a No Deal. The EU do not want a deal just wasting time and delaying us to prepare to leave.

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