Strict new social media guidelines to crack down on bias BBC employees. They’ll be livid about this. 

EXPRESS /// A new report put together by former BBC executive Richard Sambrook will be published, marking the introduction of strict new guidelines for staff.

Ahead of the publication of the report, former BBC executive and director of communications for No 10 Sir Robbie Gibb said this was just the beginning of a long process for the broadcaster. Sir Robbie also claimed the BBC had become too left-wing politically and must change in order to justify its publicly-funded status.

#NewsLinks /// Over the years we’ve seen more and more presenters from the BBC who are meant to be unbiased in their reporting of news become more and more bias in the narrative they push. Many so-called reporters from the BBC over the years don’t seem to report; instead, they regurgitate propaganda which is clearly narrative-driven for the desired outcome.

The BBC seem to want to do the deciding for you, instead of giving the two sides and letting the people decide what the conclusion is. Is this good news? Yes, it is. Is this enough? No, it’s not. We need to defund the BBC and only then will the BBC realise if they have the support from the bias reporting they spout.

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