French threaten to use “militant tactics and burn boats” over Britain taking back its waters. 

EXPRESS /// “French President Emmanuel Macron is sticking to his guns as he fights hard for French boats to get as much as they can in any post-Brexit trade deal between Brussels and London. 

Trawlers in France will have the most to lose among EU fishermen as the bloc’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) entitles them to hoover up vast amounts of fish in the UK’s bountiful waters, including 84 percent of the cod in the Channel.”


#NewsLinks: As we edge ever closer to the end of the transition period, France is getting extremely twitchy over fishing. The French are threatening to shut down and blockade ports due to Britain taking back its waters. The French want the continuation of the common fisheries policy, keeping the same quotas even though Britain has left the EU.

These demands from the French are an impossible ask. What other country around the world has given away its sovereign waters in exchange for a so-called free trade deal? No other country in the world have done this and the French need to realise it isn’t going to happen.

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  1. No no no no to the French Fishermen.

  2. Stop buying French goods from any shop such as French wines and cars and their goods that will hurt them more

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