EU don’t have “economic goals” with the UK, they want to punish Boris for the decision to leave. 

EXPRESS /// Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib has claimed the EU has not negotiated with the UK in good faith. During an interview with, Mr Habib argued the EU has three main goals it wishes to achieve with Brexit, none of them being economic goals.

He said the EU wants the UK and Boris Johnson‘s Government to suffer for the decision to leave the EU, keep the UK closely aligned with the bloc and to protect the integrity of the rest of the union.

#NEWSLINKS: With the UK public voting against big business, banks, the EU, foreign intervention, and full-on scaremongering, we as a country voted to leave the EU smashing the plans of the globalists elites.

This decision sent shockwaves around the EU; their view wasn’t a free trade deal with the UK, it was to punish the UK as long as possible, so other countries don’t see exiting the EU as an easy exit route out of the bloc.

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2 Comments on "EU don’t have “economic goals” with the UK, they want to punish Boris for the decision to leave. "

  1. Why are we wasting time talking to them Macron is determined to block any deal unless we surrender to his fishing demands. They have not negotiated in good faith so tear up the WA and walk away ; let them prove in court that we are the party that broke the promises made in the WA.

  2. llewelyn ap-reese | 1st November 2020 at 7:47 pm | Reply

    walk now they have had years to offer an honest deal its plain how dishonest these people are so just walk ill roar with laughter watching the end of the EU it will be like celebrating the end of world war two

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