BOMBSHELL – US postal worker told to illegally backdate votes so they can be counted days after the election Polls close.

SKY NEWS AUSTRALIA /// Project Veritas has released a video on Twitter which alleges there may have been cases of voter fraud in Michigan after a postal service worker claimed they were directed by their supervisor to change post stamps on mail-in ballots.

The video which was posted on Twitter by Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe shows a worker at the Traverse City Post Office who said his team was issued a directive to collect ballots in mailboxes and re-stamp them as having been received on November third (election day). 

Mr O’Keefe issued an update saying Project Veritas has been contacted by a “special agent within the Office of Inspector General for the US Postal Service” who said they will assess whether an investigation into the allegations is appropriate.

#NewsLinks: We all knew the democrats would everything and anything to corrupt the election. In many states there has been more votes than actual population living in the area, how is that possible? There was a video talking about trucks pulling up after counting with a crate of a 130,000 consecutive votes going to Joe Biden without one single vote for Trump.
Again how is that mathematically possible?

One thing which is great to know is that all this corruption will now have the much needed light and focus on it. Only time will tell what’s happens.

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