John Redwood calls out Brexit Bias as the BBC builds its case for Britain surrendering to the EU.

This Brexit Bias is nothing new from the BBC. The whole system is systematically Bias to its core when Brexit is in question.

Even now, after multiple reports had come out saying Brexit Bias was rampant in the BBC, we continue to see EU propaganda given a national platform by the BBC to preach that an independent Britain will be a disaster, with dire consequences if we leave without a deal unless we adhere to the demands of the EU.

It’s shocking. With the BBC being so out of touch with the majority, I feel it is now time the UK government scrap the license fee and let the BBC survive by itself. Only then will they realise the lack of support they really have. What’re your thoughts on this? Comment below.

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3 Comments on "John Redwood calls out Brexit Bias as the BBC builds its case for Britain surrendering to the EU."

  1. John Redwood,….you are absolutely correct and yes, the license fee should be scrapped. There is no hope of the BBC ever being unbiased !

  2. John Redwood you are correct and it is not just the BBC, It’s ITV, Sky News and Channel 4 as well. Yes please defund the BBC, I and the members of a Back Boris group, are sick to death of the bias news in all forms of media, including a lot of the newspapers. Most of us cannot bear to watch the news anymore as we end up shouting at the TV

  3. We know what we voted for, and if all these organisations try to change it..l can see trouble down the line..that’s if the Conservatives let us down..😠.We want sovereignty…

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