MP George Eustice refuses to bow to EU diktats, we will re-instate measure in the Internal Market Bill.

Conservative MP, George Eustice didn’t stand for the Irish Minister threatening an ultimatum of “Real problems” starting if  Britain doesn’t adhere to EU’s demands.

Simon Coveney said the EU wouldn’t be dealing with the UK if the UK was to reinstall the measure in the internal market Bill which the House of Lords voted down last week.

On the show, George was asked “Simon Coveney just told me that there is an absolutely unanimous view that if the UK decides to break international law, why would the EU agree to a deal?

Conservative MP George Eustice pushes back against Brussels yes men.

“You said you will try to re-instate those parts of the Internal Market Bill, so should we assume there is no deal?”

With this Mr Eustice responded by saying the measures in the bill will be re-instated, Eustice said if a deal is found, then the Internal Market Bill won’t be implemented. However, If a deal can’t be found, then we will enact the bill as our safety net.

Unfortunately, the politicians in Ireland have let themselves be used as expendable pawns in the EU’s strategy. With this rhetoric coming from the Irish, it is evident that its the Irish and EU that fear the consequences of a No Deal scenario, not Britain.

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  1. Boris if you let us down, You will never Live it down, The people will never forgive you, We Voted 4 years ago to LEAVE the EU, This is what the Majority Voted for, Do the right thing for your people, We have Faith in you.

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