Boris plans to give three days of freedom over Christmas. 

EXPRESS /// “BORIS JOHNSON is planning to ease coronavirus restrictions for up to three days this Christmas to allow families to celebrate together, the Daily Express has learned.”

#NewsLinks /// I know this move by Boris will be welcome by many who have been desperate to see their families. However, I hope people understand and can agree that freedom shouldn’t be given as a treat by the powerful.

Who’d have thought this time last year that 2020 would be the year where our freedoms were removed due to a certain virus, which as time has gone on seems to have been used by the elite to control the masses to kickstart the great reset agenda.

I know that many will say this is rubbish. However, it doesn’t take a genius to see our pain being used by almost all world leaders who push the Global reset term “Building Back Better”.

It was only days ago the Canadian PM said this Covid pandemic has fast-tracked plans that were set in the pre-COVID era to change society completely.

Why would a Canadian PM say this unless the elite were using and prolonging lockdowns as a means to bring down the society as we know it. Even the World Health Organisations has said that Lockdowns should only be used as a short stopgap to help reduce pressure on Health services and not as a means to stop a virus.

We are not Covid deniers; we are merely saying the pain and fear that has been caused by the virus seems to be being used as a means to fulfil organised agendas that were set well before the virus hit. These are not our words, but words from the Canadian PM. 

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