Laurence Fox aims to tackle “woke ideology” after setting up his new political party.

Actor Laurence Fox has recently launched a brand new political party. This new party is said to be aiming to tackle the Woke ideology which has been forced fed to our children, teens and young adults. Mr Fox is very angry at the way his children have been “highly politicised”.

Laurence Fox’s newly launched Reclaim Party has a couple of core values. Takedown “woke ideology” and to protect and promote Britain’s “Shared heritage”.
Mr Fox took to the political stage after being labelled “White Privileged” on BBC’s Question Time to which Mr Fox responded “I was born like this. It’s an immutable characteristic, so to call me a white privileged male is to be racist.”

After that soundbite on QT, his name and video clip of that moment went viral across the Internet. In response to that night, Mr Fox said: “I was totally surprised because I know the view I was expressing is an extremely commonly held view in the country.

“As an actor, you work with all sorts of people; from chippies to sparks to actors and actresses.
“So I’d known these views were fairly mainstream views, so I was completely shocked that it was greeted with the reaction that it was greeted with.”

Responding to the woke mindset of the left, Mr Fox said: “That’s why they’re so fragile intellectually – once you start to slightly remove racism from the conversation, with some truth, they really struggle.

“Then in my case, they just shout “racist scum, racist scum” at me all day.
“And I’m just like well ok – you’ve succeeded in destroying my career because it’s such a horrible career-ending slight to be called a racist but you have no evidence for it, but all you’re actually doing is motivating me to challenge your ideology because I don’t want my kids growing up in a world where they’re too scared to speak.”

In response to why he set the Reclaim party up, Mr Fox said: “I feel like I have a duty to do this. I think the point of Reclaim is people know what’s going on anyway in their own hearts.
“What I stand for is essentially what I learned around the dining table when I was a kid. Which is good manners, the ability to speak freely, to be able to robustly argue your position and have that position robustly disagreed within a balanced and enjoyable way and to leave that table as friends and for it not to be the end of your relationship.

“Those sorts of values; fairness, freedom, common sense, all of these values do need to be reclaimed because nobody has reclaimed them for us.”

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