Barnier demands fishing quotas to only be changed every 10 years.

Barnier demands Boris only to change fishing quotas every ten years, meaning once we leave the EU, the status quo would be in place, and we’d be tied to the EU till 2030.

Boris, on the other hand, has said numerous times that he wants quotas to be given every 12 months under a zonal attachment arrangement.

With negotiations hitting the bunker, and both sides disagreeing on fisheries, state aid and level playing field, its hard to see where the compromise will come from if a deal is to be secured.

As a contingency, Whitehall is said to be preparing legislation so a deal can pass smoothly between House of Lords and the Commons. One source told The Times: “There’s increasing expectation of a deal. We need to be ready to get it through parliament.”

With both side not able to agree on a deal it’s reported that there was a slight progression around the legal text.

EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, said: “After difficult weeks with very, very slow progress now we have seen in the last days better progress, more movement on important files. This is good.”

Is this continuation of the stalling process to allow Liz Truss time to get trade deals in place before the end of the year? What’re your thoughts on this? Join the conversation below with your comments.

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